My name is Ryan Raddle founder of ILLBALLERZ which was started in 2013 to help players in the state of Illinois that weren't nationally ranked and have a platform/player profile to be seen free of charge by college coaches, basketball fans and parents. After helping players for numerous years get recruited and coaches find players that fit their program numerous sites and companies started coming out of nowhere. So I thought to myself there are numerous people doing this how can I brand this name differently. 

If I ever move out of Illinois the existence of ILLBALLERZ might be gone for good. I didn't want that. So I sat back and thought really hard about the name and how I could help the basketball community on a national level not just by scouting/evaluating but by actually giving back as well. So I decided to run with a clothing brand ILLBALLERZ. . . 

Support ill (mental & physical health) athletes and coaches. We all know a athlete or coach that is struggling with a mental or physical illness. Those athletes/coaches along with their families run across hard times and those doctor visits, tests, medicines, and counselors can add up very quickly. 

Ryan Raddle

So what better way than to start a brand that sells t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, etc. along with hosting an All Star Game that has division 1 committed basketball players come from across the country to compete and support those in need.  We will not only help provide information on where to seek the help for those that have mental/physical health concerns we will also donate a percentage of the proceeds from our events and brand sales.

Mental health is becoming a big issue in today's society and we need to be there to help these athletes, coaches and families. We have put a link below for anyone looking to help someone or if you are looking to help yourself. The link below is Mental Health America and it will help search for locations of affiliates in your area to contact and start the process in getting help. 

Mental Health of America Help

Not only are we here to help guide those in need of help for mental health we are here to help those families that have a athlete or coach in need of help physically. We know that those medical expenses can add up quick and families start up Go FundMe's to help offset the costs, if you have a Go Fund Me please send us the story and Go Fund Me link we will review it and post it on our page to help raise the money needed for the family. If there is an issue please feel free to use our contact form. 

Like everyone says the basketball community is one big family so why not give back to these athletes, coaches, families that have had the game taken from them or need help recovering to get back out there for the game we all LOVE. At the end of the day I promise everyone will eventually know ILLBALLERZ all while changing 1 life at a time!

Its A Brotherhood! Its A Sisterhood! Its A Familyhood!



Ryan Raddle

 Jason Warner - Scout

Coach Jason Warner