What is the One Time Transfer Rule?

There’s a helluva lot good players out there and the transfer portal is certainly on fire.  1,400 Men's Division 1 Basketball Players to be exact.   

Some people have called the transfer portal the Wild Wild West and it's hard to argue with them.  There are no rules and no laws.  

While it originally felt like after this COVID year was over, the slew of transfers would quiet down and college basketball recruiting would go back to normal. However, I am not sure if it’s shaping up that way. 

See most recently, like today the NCAA said they have a new one time transfer rule that may go into effect at the end of April.  April 28th specifically.

This one time transfer rule means that D1 basketball players will be able to transfer "one time" during their college basketball careers without sitting out a year. 

See in years past, if a player played at Duke University as a freshman, they couldn't transfer to another D1 basketball school without sitting for a year.  While they wouldn't lose a year of eligibility per se, they couldn't play immediately that next year.

Click here for the CBS story: NCAA Council passes one time transfer legislation allowing athletes immediate eligibility.  

While this isn't the end of the world, "SITTING", certainly discouraged kids from checking out the color of the grass on the other side of the fence.  

While the fall-out of the extra COVID year is still being felt and the fall-out from the transfer portal this year is still ongoing, it doesn't look like we will be out of the transfer woods yet, specifically NEVER.

Coach Warner 


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