RUN N' SLAM - Fort Wayne - Class of 2022 REVIEWS!


Kam Craft - 2022 - Meanstreets - 6'5"

Kam Craft

- Tai Streets from Chicago Meanstreets called him "The White Mamba".  Quite the compliment and we understand why.  When Kam gets going downhill he's really good.  Kam shoots it, drives it and dunks it with the best of them.  

JaVaughn Hannah - 2022 Bates Fundamental

JaVaughn Hannah

Proven scorer with a great mid-range game. JaVaughn is a high character kid whose game fits various styles. Coachable with great work ethic. He's a throwback!!!

Leon Bond - 2022 - JH1 - 6'7"

Leon Bond

- High Flyer that will only get better. He will thrive in a team environment. Culture kid that would have success on ANY college team in the country despite not playing on a traditional shoe circuit team.


Jalen Washington - 2022 - Meanstreets - 6'9"

Jalen Washington

Long, active, shot blocker. He's going to be a problem to match up with because he shoots the "3" so well, but we love him because he makes his bed in the paint 1st.

LeLand Walker - 2022 - Team Teague - 6'2"

LeLand Walker

He has one of the best spin moves in all of basketball. This kid can hoop. Leland plays within himself with the right amount of flare. He will continue to "wow" people when they least expect it. Big Time Kid. The Bigger the stage, the more name recognition he will get.

AJ Casey - 2022 - Meanstreets - 6'7"

AJ Casey

Upside, Upside, Upside! He loves the game.  We love his game! Consummate Teammate. As he learns to pick more of his moments to shine, his STAR will only get brighter!

Jaden Schutt - 2022 - Illinois Wolves - 6'5"

(no picture taken)

Let's not define this kid as only a "shooter." Solid size for a big guard with good physique. Jaden is aggressive to the basket and really knows the game. Plays within himself and is efficient. How bout we say "player" instead!

Ty Rodgers - 2022 - Meanstreets - 6'7" 

 Ty Rodgers

Ty is a grinder. Will make any coach in the country he plays for very happy. Active on the Glass and Workhorse. His transition to the "3" will take his game to a whole new level

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