RUN N' SLAM - Fort Wayne - Class of 2023 REVIEWS!


Tevonta Jackson - 2023 - Meanstreets

Tevonta Jackson

He's an assist waiting to happen. Slender but really freakin' good. What is unique about this assist kid is that he gets his feet in the paint and can fill it up as well. Tae is a player!

Gabe Cupps - 2023 - Midwest Basketball Club

Gabe Cupps


Good luck chasing this kid around the court all day. Gabe shoots it and is a coach's dream point. Runs the team with the ability to score and will win the race. This kid has a chip and we like it.

Reed Sheppard - 2023 - Midwest Basketball Club

Reed Sheppard

Big time scorer in High School (Kentucky). Reed's b-ball IQ is at a different level.  Pretty sure he's not going to be living in a shadow much longer.  You will find him to be the smartest basketball player on most floors.   

Milan Momcilovic - 2023 - Team Herro/Phenom

Milan Momcilovic

Milan's body type is impressive. Shooter. He has a step back in the post that could be mistaken for Dirk's. First seeing this big time sleeper. Our guess is that he's going to open some eyes soon.


James Okonkwo - 2023 - All Ohio Red

James Okonkwo

click write up for video - Watched him, loved him, researched him and realized Huggins offered him. It all make sense now for this NO DROP STEP needed VERTICAL DUNKER and HUSTLER. Good size but if he get's to 6'10", GOOD NIGHT! - ILLBALLERZ 

Jermaine Coleman - 2023 - Indy Heat 6'7"

Jermaine Coleman

Height is confirmed for this HIGH MAJOR sharpshooter. Ranked #2 in Indiana for 2023. Character/culture kid with no ceiling that will put points on the board for any team in a hurry. Bonus! Who doesn't love a Lefty!

Daniel Johnson - 2023 - Meanstreets 6'6"

Daniel Johnson

Solid inside/outside balance. This kid will dunk on you and then step out and knock down a couple threes and then dunk on you again for good measure!

Miles Rubin - 2023 - Meanstreets - 6'9"

no picture available

Youthful appearance with upside. Crafty, sneaky and active basketball player. This kid's going to be dangerous as his body develops. Coaches will learn in time that he's as good as anyone on the floor.

Javonte (JJ) Taylor - 2023 - Mac Irvin 6'8"

JJ Taylor

JJ wants nothing to do with losing. Big time frame with a big time skill set that will only get better. The sky is the limit for JJ as he continually matures and commits to his body. 

Matas Buzelis - 2023 - Mac Irvin - 6'10"

Matas Buzelis

Matas has an NBA frame. This positionless playmaker has a bright future and is uber talented. As his strength improves, so shall his game.  Something tells us that if he considers adding one drop of moxie and one drop of flare into his game, it would serve him well.  






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