Prep Hoops - Battle of the Lakes

Prep Hoops - Battle of the Lakes

Tavari Johnson and Jah Quinones

Tavari Johnson - Young & Reckless - 2022 

Tavari Johnson

Man, he’s fun to watch.  Tavari is as good of a passer as they come at any level.  Every young kid should watch and study his game.  He gives it up early and is ready and able to score when he gets it back.  Big fans of his game and eager to watch him again.  2022 

Jah Quinones - Judah Nation - 2022

Jah Quinones

 He's built like a full back, moves like a half back and runs his team like a quarterback.  Don’t judge the book by the cover because he's not the typical size for his position. This kid is thick and a flat out hooper and he’s a damn point guard.  If I had an offer to give, he would have it already.  He’s a special type of passer and the type of kid who could make a career out of this game.  Lot of intangibles that were unseen in a short evaluation but from the looks of it, Jah gets "it".  Lesson learned!




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