Ryan Raddle started the ILLBALLERZ brand several years ago and his mission to help those affected by physical and/or mental illness will someday most certainly happen.  

If I ever move out of Illinois the existence of ILLBALLERZ might be gone for good. I didn't want that. So I sat back and thought really hard about the name and how I could help the basketball community on a national level not just by scouting/evaluating but by actually giving back as well. So I came up with two ways to define ILLBALLERZ. . . 
1. The ill-est (cold, nasty, great) basketball players across the country that are well known and players that aren't known as well. Up to date news on achievements, stats, offers, commits and more will be posted on social media and web. 
2. Support ill (mental & physical health) basketball players and coaches. We all know a player or coach that is struggling with a mental or physical illness. Those players/coaches along with their families run across hard times and those doctor visits, tests, medicines, and counselors can add up very quickly.
Coach Ryan Raddle - ILLBALLERZ Founder

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